Come down and enjoy a day on the water of the Historic Potomac River. Jack’s Boathouse has been renting canoes and kayaks to the public since 1945. Rent a kayak and enjoy the greenery of Roosevelt Island and the scenery of the Georgetown waterfront. Experience Washington D.C. from a different point of view. Within reach of a leisurely afternoon paddle, you can see many historical sites as well as lots of nature. Paddle down river, and you can find the Kennedy Center, the Lincoln and Washington Memorials, Roosevelt Island, and the Watergate bldg. All seen from the point of view of the river. Head up stream instead, and look for the historic Three Sister’s Islands and the remains of the C&O Canal System. In reclusive niches along the river’s edge wild herons and cormorants fly above you while turtles sun themselves on half hidden logs. Enjoy all this and let the Potomac’s water heal you. Come rent a canoe or kayak and enjoy yourself at Jack’s Boathouse.

Jack’s Boathouse is proud to be sponsoring kayak instruction through Carpe Diem Kayaking Company this season. For more information, see the schedule of classes on the Calendar Page.